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How to Help Your Realtor Sell Your House

How to help your realtor sell your house

There are some things you can do to help your Realtor sell your house and here are my top 10 recommendations:

  1. Don’t “TEST” the market. Only contact your Realtor when you know you are ready to sell and committed to doing whatever it takes to get your property ready.

  2. Give your Realtor time, don’t wait until the last minute to contact a Realtor You have to allow enough time to bring in a professional stager and complete the recommendations, time to book a professional photographer and the time allow that photographer to choose a nice bright day to take those important photos and your Realtor needs time to prepare a marketing plan for your home.

  3. Listen to your Realtor. Your Realtor knows what homes comparable to yours are selling for NOW. Prices fluctuate monthly, seasonally, and yearly, your Agent provides you with expert guidance when setting your selling price. Make it easy for your agent to sell your home by allowing him/her to set a price based upon current market conditions not, emotional attachment.

  4. Don’t neglect to fix things! Today’s buyer doesn’t want to do the work so make it easy for them to choose your house over a competing property that does need repairs. Listen to the advice given to you by your stager , repaint, deep-clean, pre-pack, declutter, and make those minor repairs that have been recommended

  5. Have a pre-sale inspection done, it’s much better to know the issues and deal with them than be surprised and lose a sale or be forced to give the buyer discounts.

  6. Don’t let a potential buyer fall in love with your chandelier only to discover it isn’t included in the sale. If it is attached but not included remove it and replace it.

  7. Make it easy for your Realtor to show your property. If your agent knows that you only need 15-30 minutes’ notice, your home will be shown more often, so keep your home show-ready. Your stager will be able to give you tips on how to best accomplish this.

  8. Communicate with your Realtor. Is there some way you can help your Realtor? Do you have any questions? Is the feedback positive, if not why not? Your Realtor is a professional, don’t becomes a pest but be sure to keep the lines of communication open.

  9. Don’t ever be offended by a low offer, It is just the beginning of the bargaining process. Let your agent prepare a counter offer and see what the potential buyer comes back with.

  10. Don’t lose a sale over the small stuff. I have heard many stories about sales that have fallen through over as little as a $1,000 or replacing a $25 fixture. Please don’t let this happen to you.

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