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Living In The Past

A good friend recently gave me two banker boxes filled with décor and design magazines. These magazines cover a 20-year period from about 1985 and I thoroughly enjoyed my walk down memory lane with a lot of chuckling along the way.

Every wall seemed to be glazed and some sort of paint treatment applied. There was ragging, pouncing, using plastic wrap to create texture, making wall treatments using torn grocery bags and the art of the faux finish! Then there were the window treatments; yards and yards of fabric draped, ballooned, swagged and puddling. Country style decorating was popular but not the fresh, clean look we see today. Country meant primitive and grungy, over decorated using a gazillion collectables and, of course, baskets!

Although I had a great time flipping through the pages, I noticed that some of these dated looks could still be found in the properties I consult on. People love what they love and are often blind to how dated the look is and how negatively it can affect the sale of their property. Even worse, when asked to make changes, property owners can often be defensive and even hurt thinking that there is something wrong with their décor choices. This is when a professional stager, who has been trained in the art of the difficult conversation, can make a huge difference!

A trained professional is able to both re-assure the client that their design choices are not in question, that all the suggestions being made are so that the property will appeal to the buyer most likely to be interested in their property and explain that the buyer for their property is most likely going to be much younger and a lot more demanding. This buyer does not want to spend money or time up-dating; they want to sign the papers, move in and start their new life. A professional stager helps the home owner spend their time and money on the up-dates that will make the greatest impact and give them the best return on their investment. Home staging is one of the best marketing tools available to the home seller and if the Realtor isn’t working with one – ask why. Every home seller deserves the best marketing available.

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