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My #1 Home Staging Recommendation?

No doubt about it, my number one recommendation is; don't put your property on the market until it has been prepared to sell! I know that once the decision to sell has been made, all you can think about is getting your property on the market - fast. While most home sellers and even their Realtors believe that the key to selling quickly is to get the property listed quickly, this isn't always true. In fact, putting your property on the market before it has been prepared can actually hurt your chances of selling quickly and for the most money.

When you take the time to prepare your property you have the opportunity to create the ideal property for your target market. What makes the property ideal ? I was hoping you would ask that......

Today's home buyer is looking for a property that is move in ready and if your property isn't in that condition they might move on to a property that is. Take the time to prepare your property and spend you time and money wisely. A professional home stager can be asked to come into your property and determine what, if any, up-grades, repairs or deferred maintenance issues need to be addressed and will prioritize any suggestions to work within your preferred time frame and budget. Often a fresh coat of paint, de-cluttering and purposeful space planning is all that is needed to make your property appeal to your target buyer.

When potential buyers look at your property they are looking for space and the more spacious your property appears, the more appealing your property will be. Your stager will encourage you to go through every cabinet, closet and cubby,go ahead and edit your belongings,pack what you don't use regularly, plan a yard sale or sell items online and give things to charity. Editing your belongings and pre-packing some of your stuff sounds like a lot of work and it is, but why not get a head start?

You can also create space by reducing the number of items in a room and by keeping corners of a room to create the sense of space in a room, if at all possible, create enough space so that three people can comfortably move throughout the space ( two potential buyers and a Realtor). Plan on storing your excess items off-site, family and friends may have some room and there are many convenient storage businesses in most areas. Your stager will be able to suggest workable floor plans to create both space and great traffic flow.

When a property is prepared prior to listing it photographs beautifully and since up to 98% of all buyers are introduced to a property online, fabulous listing photos make them stop and look at the details of your property rather than just clicking on the the next listing.

For most of us, our home represents the largest,single investment we ever make so it only makes sense to do everything you can to ensure that you make the greatest possible return on your investment. Most of us would clean out the car and maybe even get it detailed before we tried to sell it because we know if it looks good we'll get more money, the same is true for our homes.

Stacie Chamberlin is a professional stager who works in the Ottawa area. Her company, Access Home Staging, is dedicated to helping home sellers move on to the next stage of their lives. She loves working with occupied listings and is currently developing a "zoomer" service package to meet the needs of our aging population. Access Home Staging is Ottawa's real estate staging and transition solution.

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"I would strongly advise anyone thinking of selling to hire Stacie. It would be money well spent."


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