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Selling Your Property in 2018 | Tip #2

My second tip is to selling your property in 2018 is time

Give yourself the time you need to properly prepare your property for sale. You want to present a finished product to potential buyers not a work in progress. If you want to sell your property quickly and for the most money possible you must make your property easy to buy.

Finish those items on the "to-do" list

That bedroom door you haven’t gotten around to hanging or that linen closet that still needs to be painted? Those unfinished projects may encourage potential buyers to ask for financial considerations. Out-dated items may also lead potential buyers to assume that there has been a general lack of upkeep and maintenance.

What about those issues that aren’t obvious?

Everything I’ve mentioned so far are things that both you and the potential buyer can see but, out-dated wiring, dated plumbing, questionable sewer or water issues? There could be issues that you are completely unaware. It's far better to know these issues before hand than to discover them during the buyer home inspection.

I always recommend that my clients have a pre-sale inspection done

I know, I can hear you thinking to yourself, “but that’s the responsibility of the buyer!” and you’re correct. Traditionally, buyers have had an inspection done to secure financing and uncover any condition issues that may affect their ability or desire to purchase.

This inspection can be pretty stressful because the sale usually depends upon a positive result. You may feel pressured to make huge financial considerations to secure the sale if the buyer inspection finds any issues. When you have a pre-sale inspection done you immediately take away the stress of the unknown and give yourself the ability to control the cost and timeline to remedy any issues.

Take the time to prepare your property for sale;

  • Don’t pressure yourself to get everything done in three days.

  • Merchandise each space so that it attracts the right buyer.

  • Use the solutions your stager has suggested to help sell your property quickly and to assist you in living in and maintaining a staged property.

  • Eliminate the opportunities for sellers to chip away at your asking price. Make your property memorable for all the right reasons.

What now? I’ll cover that in my next blog

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