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Knowing Your Target Buyer

If you search the internet you’ll find a lot of basic information on “how to stage your property”. In fact, I just searched that very phrase and got 25, 500,000 results!

Most blogs and articles about home staging will give you really great information about preparing your home for sale. You’ll find lots of tips for de-cluttering, pre-packing, doing forgotten maintenance and minor home updates, deep cleaning, painting and curb appeal. If you get all of this work done you’ve staged your own home and you’re ready to list, right? Unfortunately, no, what you’ve done is prepared your property to be showcased. Now, don’t fret! Your investment of both time and money has not been completely wasted, what must happen now is the actual showcasing of the property.

Showcasing is what happens after all the work has been done to improve the overall condition of your property. It’s the design plan that addresses your target buyer and your property’s unique features. You see, every market area has a distinct target buyer and every property has features that need to be highlighted.

For most of us, a home purchase represents the largest single investment we will ever make. A great showcasing plan will not only highlight the distinct and desired features of your property, it will also use target marketing and lifestyle selling techniques to help your target buyer connect to a property on an emotional level. Great showcasing allows your potential buyer to envision them living in your property and presents them with a lifestyle experience they’ve dreamed of.

Did you know that only 10 percent of people have the ability to envision how a property could look? That means, 9 out of every 10 buyers will not be able to see themselves living in the property if the property has out-dated décor or fails to highlight the purpose of a space. Buyers will say things like it doesn’t “feel” right or, “it felt like home the minute we stepped inside”. The decision to purchase a property is an emotional one, great showcasing appeals to buyers on an emotional level.

I'd love to create a showcasing plan that helps potential buyer fall in love with your property! You may email or text me for more information or to book an appointment.

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