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Can I stage my own home?

As I've said before in this Blog, when it comes to staging your home, there is a lot of information out there on the internet, in books and magazines as well as the ever-popular programs on HGTV. Given this plethora of information, there is no doubt in my mind that the average person can make their property look pretty, but it's important to understand that staging is not just about making a space look pretty. The real question is should a home seller stage their own home?

Typically, the DIY home stager lacks experience and an objective eye. It's a difficult and time-consuming process to change the family home into a marketable product and this process becomes even more difficult when you are emotionally attached to the property.

The DIY home stager will not be as adept at understanding who their target buyer is and what that buyer is looking for in a new home. What updates are going to appeal to the future owner and what up-dates are going to give the best return on investment? Errors here can be costly.

Another drawback for the DIY stager is that without staging training or experience, they are not going be as practiced at the visual or lifestyle marketing aspect of staging. Many people confuse staging with decorating and that's understandable as staging does encompass many of the aspects of interior design. The difference is that the design or decorating is process is all about creating comfortable, welcoming and functional spaces for the people who currently live there while staging is the process of creating comfortable, welcoming and functional spaces that appeal to the new occupant of the space.

Most professional stagers provide detailed consultations that may include information on colour, furniture arrangement, creating flow throughout the space and of course, advise on the best places to spend money for the best ROI when you sell. These consultations range in price but are a priceless map that guides you throughout the process if you want to try doing the work yourself.

My recommendation for the DIY stager? Hire a professional stager to give you a written staging consultation and then follow that guide to address the prioritized reccomendations as time and budget will allow.

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