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Is Curb Appeal Still Important?

Some Ottawa area sellers are wondering; “with up to 90% of potential buyers being introduced to a property on-line, is curb appeal still important?” The answer is YES! Those people that found your property online will usually take at least one drive around the neighborhood to “get a feel” for the area and of course, they will attend either an open house event or a showing. Follow these tips to help ensure your property makes the best first impression possible;

  1. Look at your house from across the street; is it easy to see? Be sure to trim shrubs to provide a clear view and that your house numbers are clearly visible from the road.

  2. Trim all foundation planting to no higher than the base of the windows. Being able to see the windows helps the property seem more welcoming. Add a fresh layer of mulch to help clean-up and refresh the beds.

  1. Is your pathway to the front door easy to find? Plant colourful planters or beds to draw the eye towards the front door.

  2. Keep the walkway free of toys, snow, etc. and check the surface for chips, missing or uneven pavers (the last thing you want is to have a potential buyer trip!)

  3. If you have steps leading to your front door be sure they are in excellent shape, repair or re-paint as needed.

  4. Carefully check the condition of the front door, screen door and hardware. It should be clean and well kept (no ripped screens). If the door looks a little tired give it a coat of paint. If the hardware is not working properly, repair or replace and if it is really out-dated, replace.

  1. Replace all bulbs in outdoor fixtures with the highest wattage allowed and clean all glass so that the lights sparkle. If the fixtures are dated you can try giving them a coat of paint but if they are broken, replace. It is important that your outdoor fixtures match in style and colour. Be sure to clear away all cobwebs around the lights and front door.

  2. If you use blinds on your windows, get into the habit of having them all at the same height so that they look good from the outside.

  3. What do people see from the outside of your house looking in? Don’t keep lots of small plants or decorative items on your window sills as it just makes things look cluttered. Have your kids remove all stickers that they might have on their windows for the same reason. If you have curtains or drapes your stager might suggest you remove them, if there is a privacy issue, be sure your window coverings all show the same colour from the street (white linings).

  4. If you have an entry porch or landing at the front door, keep it free of toys and flyers. A new welcome mat is always a nice touch as is a planter of flowers(ONLY if you have enough room).

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