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Staging a rental suite?

One way that I help home sellers understand the importance of preparing their property for sale is through two and a half-hour information sessions given at area community centers, libraries, etc.

When a participant signs up for the information session I always encourage them to submit a question about home staging so that I can ensure that I address everyone’s concerns.

For the most part, the planned info session already answers most participants questions but, this was one I hadn’t had before; “…My property includes a small income suite. How can I reduce the stress to my tenants of preparing the property for sale?” Wow, good question!

The rules surrounding how a landlord and tenant deal with access to a property vary by province; the best starting place is to understand what those rules are. Also, be sure that your rental suite is legal, an income property can be a huge selling feature but only if has been approved for that use by your city or municipality. If the income suite was created without approval, there is a good chance that it will not be built up to code standards and may need to be returned to family living space.

Let’s assume that the income suite is legal. You’ll need to be certain of yours and your tenant’s rights and I would start by giving the tenants lots of notice about the property going on the market and do your best to work with them and their schedule. For some tenants, the thought of some fresh paint and a few up-dates will be very appealing and they’ll be easy to work with. Other tenants may not be too thrilled about the coming sale of the property and will give you only the access provided for under the law.

Preparing a property for sale takes time and effort. Having a clear list of what needs to be done, who is responsible for each project and the timeline for the project is a priority for ensuring that the process moves along smoothly. Our pre-list consultation clearly describes what work needs to be done and we’ll even prioritize the list so that the most critical repairs, maintenance and up-dates get done first. We’ll help you determine who will do the work, the timing of each project and may even be able to provide you with some recommendations for skilled trades.

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