• Stacie Chamberlin

Does Age Matter?

This blog post is less about sharing information and more about wondering what your experience has been. I have been following an interesting conversation in one of the LinkedIn groups I belong to - when it comes to interior design, redesign and home staging; does age matter? We all know that ageism affects most professions to some degree but what about the creative design fields? If you hire a professional to help you stage your property do you feel more confident using the services of someone who is young, middle-aged or, nearing retirement?

For some, the idea of a lifetime of experiences would be more attractive than a young professional who has less experience but up-to-date technical skills. Would you presume that the younger professional would be more adept at creating spaces suitable for younger buyers? Would you be more comfortable hiring an older person to deal with the design issues your aging mother might be having? Could you judge the quality of a stager's or designer's work by their age?

Social media experts advise that small-scale service businesses show photos of themselves and their staff to help create a connection with potential clients. Could it be that those wonderful profile photos may be working against us if we look too young or too old or, do we use our age to help us define our “niche”?

These are all great, thought provoking questions and I’d love to hear your thoughts on ageism within the creative design/décor/real estate industries. What have you experienced?

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