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Purge, clean, repeat

Once you decide to list your property you must begin the task of properly preparing your property for your particular market. Your property is going to have some stiff competition, there are going to be other properties that will appeal to your target buyer and those properties might even include some new builds. If your goal is to sell your property quickly and for the most money possible you need to do everything you can to give your property an edge over the competition.

With the tremendous success of HGTV programs, I think it is fair to say that people understand that the way we sell property has changed dramatically in the past ten years or so; gone forever, are the days of just offering up a price reduction to compensate for deferred maintenance issues and minor repairs. People demand move-in ready homes, they want to move in, un-pack and entertain friends (all in a weekend!). Understanding what buyers are looking for and making wise decisions about how to best invest your time and budget to ensure you retain all that hard-earned equity is a where the services of a professional home stager are invaluable.

Access Home Staging specializes in pre-list condition consultations and one of our top priorities is always to do a thorough deep cleaning. You'll be doing a lot of pre-packing, purging and decluttering so you’ll probably find areas of the property that haven’t had a good scrub in a while and whether it’s hard-water build-up around the taps in the laundry room or that nasty spot between the shower stall and the floor; everything has to be spotless.

Your customized pre-list consultation package will include recommendations for each space as well as cleaning requirements that include washing down both the outside and inside of kitchen and bathroom cabinets, dusting and washing hot-water tanks, furnaces and visible duct work as well as general cleaning of windows, window coverings, trim and mouldings. We’ll give you a detailed cleaning schedule that will make it easier for you and your family to keep the property in top shape but it’s always easier to keep a space clean than it is to get it clean, which is why we often suggest hiring some help to complete the task.

I like to compare the staging consultation to a detailed trip plan that not only tells you what highways to take but also recommends places to stop for a coffee, stretch your legs or spend the night. Knowing where you’re going, planning your route and your travel time greatly reduces the stress of traveling. Getting your property ready for sale, knowing what the priorities are and where to spend your valuable time and effort greatly reduces the stress of selling your property and helps ensure that you get top dollar!

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