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I was pleasantly surprised when I recently received this recognition, it's hard to believe that it was a little more than ten years ago that I took my first home staging course and began this journey. With the popularity of HGTV, home staging is being recognized as an important part of preparing a property for sale and the term no longer garners looks of confusion from sellers and realtors.

Home staging and interior decor are still considered by most to be the same thing which is unfortunate because they aren't. Home staging is about marketing; understanding the target buyer and their preferred lifestyle and creating spaces that are appealing and make an emotional connection to the buyer. While staging and home decor do share the need to understand basic design principles, the clientele are completely different; staging is a process that prepares a property for it's future owner while decorating is done for the current home owner.

The home staging industry is still a relatively new industry and I believe that the coming years will find us placing more importance on training and we'll continue to see specialty niches grow within the industry. I'm looking forward to the coming years and the new challenges that this maturing industry will bring.

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"I would strongly advise anyone thinking of selling to hire Stacie. It would be money well spent."


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