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Staging your Airbnb?| oh yes we do

I’ve had several inquiries lately asking if Access Home Staging does design consults for Air BNB’s, and yes, of course we do. The Air BNB market began heating up last year when Canada’s capital city hosted our 150 year celebration. While Ottawa may not be hosting a huge party this year, it remains a popular destination for both tourists and business people.

Preparing a space for potential visitors to feel comfortable in isn’t much different than preparing a property for sale. In either situation, potential clients focus in on offerings within their preferred area of the city that offer the number of bedrooms they require and a price that is within their budget. Once their search has eliminated all of the properties that do not meet their criteria they are left with a selection of properties to choose from and their introduction to your listing is going to be the listing photos you post online.

So, what photos will help create a great first impression? You’re going to want to post professional photos of the spaces your listing includes. According the Hotel Association of Canada, approximately 78% of Ottawa’s Air BNB revenue is generated by whole home rentals but that certainly doesn’t mean that single-room rentals are no longer in demand. Whether your offering is a single room or a whole home, the photos clearly show inviting spaces that are clean, tastefully appointed and as spacious as possible. Focus on what a potential client will need to be comfortable which means that you must determine who your potential clients are. Is the space you are going to provide best suited to a single person who just needs a place to sleep for the night or maybe you’re thinking that you’d like to attract a single business person who may need a comfortable place to sit and work? It could be that your clients are a couple on vacation who will need a suite that includes a small kitchen or, can your space accommodate a family that wants to spend several days in the same space?

Access Home Staging will help you design spaces that will show beautifully online and appeal to your target client. We are capable of working with the items you already have and can help you plan your expenditures so that you get the best return on investment. We are able to assist you whether your space is a whole-home rental or one room and are very familiar with and able to work with both tight deadlines and budgets. Whether you hope to do most of the work yourself or want a little more help, we can help ensure that your first experience in this ever-growing market is a positive one.

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