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Re-design| falling in love with your home again

“Wow, I never thought of doing that!”, “I didn’t think this room could look this good” or, “This looks so nice, I’m not sure I want to move now!” We often hear this when we’ve completed a showcasing which is why Access Home Staging offers a re-design service. Home staging is typically accomplished with a tight deadline and an even tighter budget and yet, the results are often amazing, so just imagine the possibilities if the timeline was a little longer and the budget a little larger.

The Access Home Staging redesign service typically begins with some sort of general inquiry with the vast majority of future clients reaching out through text message or email. When we reply, we’ll give some basic information on the service and ask about the preferred method of contact and then we’ll go forward with a general discovery session. This session gives us the opportunity to get to know each other a bit better and determine what the current issues are. If we feel we’re a good match for each other, we’ll set up an on-site visit.

Personally, I love this first on-site visit, not only do I get to meet you, my client, this is the first time that I get to actually see the various issues and challenges we discussed during our discovery session. I’ll take a dozens of photos of the items you want to keep as well as those you would rather have disappear from your space. I’ll take measurements of the space, it’s important that I know where outlets, heating vents, air conditioning units, windows and doors are. I’ll also make note of all the condition issues that should be addressed and we’ll determine the best way for you to go forward with any repairs or general maintenance issues; are there things you can do yourself or do you require assistance?

There are so many things I discover about you and your lifestyle during my first visit. I not only learn what you want to accomplish with this redesign project, I discover what you may already own that may be re-purposed, I learn about your style preferences (or help you determine your style), your preferred colour pallet, whether you want to complete the project all at once or if you would prefer to complete the project over a period of time. I’m not the only one who will discover things during this visit; you’ll have a better understanding of how I work and whether you are going to enjoy working with me plus, I’ll give you lots of ideas to mull over, some of which you’ll be able to accomplish on your own .

Once I get back to the office I’ll begin transferring all those measurements to a floor plan and begin working on options for furniture layouts using what you already own and adding elements we determined were needed. Depending upon how you like to work, I’ll create online design boards or set up another in-person meeting to go over options. Re-design typically requires a couple of meetings because we’re making a plan based upon blending the items you currently own with newer items. Re-design is a process but one that we should both enjoy.

I’d love to discuss ways to help you fall in love with your home again, email me personally at stacie.accessstaging@gmail.com

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"I would strongly advise anyone thinking of selling to hire Stacie. It would be money well spent."


- Kevin ~ Wakefield



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