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Mission Impossible?

My mission, if I chose to accept it (are you humming the theme for mission impossible yet) was to create an design plan for a young woman in her 20’s who would be moving to a new province and planned on only bringing her clothes, a few photos, a few of her favorite books and her laptop. Talk about starting fresh!

Melissa had already put a deposit on a studio apartment, had some basic measurements and a single photo from the rental listing. Melissa had found my name online and had booked her free, 30-minute, Skype design discovery call through our web-page. Once her appointment was booked, our client care system immediately thanked her for booking the appointment and suggested that she set up her free design file with the link provided.

Why a design file? Melissa and I would never meet in person so the design file would provide me with some basic information about what she needed, her preferred design style, the colours she would like to see every day in her space and the measurements of the space we were going to be discussing.

When the appointment time arrived, I placed a Skype call to Melissa and I went over the information she had provided me with as well as discussing how she wanted her space to look and feel. If Melissa had already been living in the apartment I would have had her give me a virtual tour of the space but, since that wasn’t possible, we worked with what we did have. I believed that I would be able to meet her design goals and do so within her budget so we decided on a design package that was the best fit for her needs. Once the e-transfer was received, I began working on her design plan.

The design brief for Melissa looked something like this:

  • Create a design plan for a studio apartment based upon the photo submitted and the measurements provided by the client.

  • The client needs someplace to sleep, she would like to have somewhere (other than the bed) to sit. She needs storage for clothes and linens. She would also like somewhere to put the TV and someplace to eat.

  • Client needs someplace that feels light and bright. She likes white, yellow and blue and seems to prefer a mid-century modern design.

  • The budget for this project is $3000 including design fees.

  • Client’s moving date is January 01.

There are many benefits to e-design and for Melissa, the most important ones were that the e-design plan would provide her with detailed visual of how the items fit in her space and that it is extremely budget friendly - using e-design means you’re only paying for the expertise not the time consuming and costly shopping time of the designer.

Here is what Melissa received in her $199 design plan.

  • Custom mood board ( this creates plan for Melissa’s space before she spends money on items that may not go together and gives her a great visual so that she can “see” the products within her space)

  • Detailed item descriptions complete with online sourcing ( this will save Melissa hours of time looking for products online)

  • Suggestions for phasing in the design (this allows Melissa to budget for her purchases)

  • A design plan that allows Melissa to focus on what her space actually needs reducing the chances of overspending)

  • A design rational that explains why I chose the pieces I did and how I think they work towards her overall design goals.

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