• Stacie Chamberlin

All I want for Christmas is a....... Sansevieria trifasciata

Open any interior design magazine and you’ll probably see one, the plant, also known as Mother-in- Law tongue or Snake plant, is enjoying a comeback. Houseplants are hugely popular again, maybe it’s our enthusiasm and growing desire to make positive changes to our health and well-being or, maybe it’s a response to small-space urban living but, no matter the reason, the houseplant has made a comeback and millennials are leading the way.

Millennials, those aged 18-34, are postponing home ownership and children for a variety of reasons; massive student loans and tighter mortgage requirements, the need to move often for career advancement opportunities and the overall desire for an urban life style being just a few possibilities. When you consider these facts, it makes perfect sense that owning a couple of houseplants is highly appealing. You’ll find houseplants all over the internet; Facebook groups dedicated to plants and their care, Pinterest boards bursting with favorite plants and how to showcase them and of course the creative social media app known as Instagram.

A houseplant instantly brings life into a space and helps remind us that life is more than just a day-to-day experience. A houseplant requires little care yet provides a great deal of satisfaction when it grows and thrives. Some houseplants are known to remove pollutants from the air and others help promote sleep. Houseplants are relatively inexpensive home décor and can always be counted on to make any space look more inviting.

I certainly hope I get my Snake plant this Christmas, or maybe, a Christmas cactus, a Pothos or a String of Pearls. You might want to consider giving something live that doesn’t require walks, trips to the vet or pricey food.


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