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A New Year A New Look| Tips for using accessories

In a previous post I shared my top five accessories for staging or decorating so in this post I wanted to share some tips on using accessories successfully.

I love accessories as they can add interest, dimension, texture, colour and personality to a space, having said that, not understanding a few basic design concepts when accessorizing a space can create visual clutter.

My first design tip when accessorizing a space is to group similar items together, by doing so your items have a stronger visual impact. Don’t mistake “similar” with “identical” though, there needs to be variety in the mix.

Since we’re on the subject of similar items another design tip is to vary the scale of the items and to group items together in odd numbers. An example would be three vases of differing heights or a grouping of five shells of differing sizes, shapes and textures. In addition to grouping similar items and varying the scale of the items, another quick tip is to try and place the tallest item to the back of the grouping.

When accessorizing don’t forget books, they can add height to a grouping as well as texture, dimension and even colour. Try not to use paperback novels as though as their colourful covers draw the eye to the book rather than the grouping; I also find that taking the dust jacket off of hardback books usually reveals a simpler colour pallet. When staging a property for sale, I often use old hardcover books that have been spray-painted a neutral white to add both height and texture to the grouping.

Try to add something from nature, whether you choose a plant, some twigs, shells or stones, the natural element brings a sense of calmness to a space as well as creating dimension and adding texture. Curate your accessories so that they add or reflect one or more of your accent colours.

Accessorizing your space should be fun and can be done with little or even no money! Shop your cupboards for items you can use in a different way, go outside and see what you can find, hit your

thrift store for quirky items that reflect your personality or add a small plant to your grocery cart the next time you’re out and don’t forget to check out magazines and places like Pinterest for inspiration.

Have fun!

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