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The First E-design Project of 2019

Whether you own or rent your home, your space should represent who you are and what you love. This first e-design project of 2019 was fora a 30-something woman who had decided that condo living wasn't for her and moved into an older, but well-maintained, one-bedroom apartment with a nice-sized balcony.

As with all design clients, this project started with the client booking her free, 30 minute, discovery call. I like to do these as Skpe calls as it gives us the chance to meet “virtually” and the client is able to show me the space. She walked me around her space; we discussed her current needs and her long term goals and after we decided we could work together, the client then filled the Access Home Staging design questionnaire and followed the detailed instructions for measuring her space.

The design questionnaire and discovery call provided me with the following information:

1. The reason for wanting a new, up-dated decor was because she had just inherited a wonderful collection of blue and white porcelain and didn't have anywhere to display the pieces.

2. She hadn't purchased any new furnishings since her college days and hoped I could find ways to re-purpose most of her belongings.

3. She wanted a space to read in the bedroom as she did not have/want a TV in there and, if at all possible, she would love to have a rocking chair.

4. Although the porcelain collection was traditional, her preferred style was contemporary.

5. The project was to be divided into 3 phases with the bedroom coming first followed by the living room and then the balcony.


The bedroom was a good size with great natural light from the windows. The only issue the client had was that she found the room to be slightly drafty and she needed blackout drapes for the weeks when she worked nights and slept during the day.

I started the design plan by coming up with a colour scheme that would help showcase the client’s priced collection of china as well as working in the bedroom and other areas of the apartment. We agreed upon a creamy white, light grey, navy and yellow pallet that could be slightly formal in the living room and a little more fun in the bedroom.

The first design element I recommended was the area rug; it is a contemporary style, provides the starting point for the colour pallet and, provides both texture and a feeling of warmth to the space. I was able to respect her wish to re-purpose her existing furniture by suggesting she paint her current nightstands a creamy white and add some more contemporary cabinet pulls.

The addition of a navy, tufted headboard will add a nice hit of colour to her all white bedding and the wall-to-wall drapes not only add colour to a wall that can't be painted but will also provide, privacy and draft reduction. The rocking chair I suggested makes a strong style statement while providing a comfortable spot for reading while the simple floor lamp provides great task lighting and continues the mixed metal elements that will be continued in the living room. At only 8" in depth, the tempered glass console table provides both a handy place to place a glass and additional display space for her prized collection of porcelain. I added more texture, colour and warmth to the space through the addition of a herringbone patterned blanket to the end of the bed, a soft yellow knit throw to the chair and a fun, bulky knit pouf as a foot rest.

The mood board shows a pair of lamps that closely resemble the pair she now owns and I also provided source links to side tables that would provide her with more display space should she choose to replace her current stands in the future. The accessories shown in the mood board show the additional pieces needed to round out the design and, although I provide the source links, these items are there as a guide for things she can probably source locally at 2nd hand or consignment shops.

The client is happy with the design presented and now it's time to work on the living room design. Stay tuned :)

E-design or remote design is a great way to get expert design advice and curated shopping sources without having to pay the pricey designer fees for shopping. E-design takes advantage of the fabulous modern technology available today and the growing comfort level people have with online shopping. As with anything new, there are a couple of concerns that many people have; how do I know it will all fit and how do I know it’s comfortable? As a professional, it’s my job to make certain that the floor plan works, I give pretty detailed instructions for measuring and photographing your space. Comfort is a different issue – there is no way anyone can determine the comfort level of a chair or sofa purchased online but there are a couple of things I suggest to my clients; first, the shopping list my clients receive provides the information on who makes the item and who is selling the item, in most cases, clients are able to go to a retail store and try the item out, second; every online store provides for the returning of items that don’t suite – while there definitely some inconvenience to returning an item, it can be done.

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