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What is a consultation?

A “consultation” is typically defined as a formal meeting to discuss or seek advice and within the real estate staging industry; a “staging consultation” is usually defined as a report given to a home-seller prior to listing their home for sale. Within the real estate staging industry, there can be a huge difference in how a staging consultation is preformed, the areas covered and the method for reporting the findings which makes comparing the services of one professional to another very difficult for a consumer trying to determine the best value for their investment.

At Access Home Staging, our staging consultation focuses on the current condition of a property and how to improve the condition in order to maintain or, even grow, our client’s equity. We understand that, when it comes time to sell their property, our clients want to sell quickly and for the most money possible and that is our goal for them as well.

How it works.

As Certified Canadian Staging Professionals™, we use the Room Ready Handbook™ for all of our staging consultations; as a result, we are able to offer consistent and comprehensive consultations that provide our clients with an easy-to-follow, room-by-room report that clearly identifies issues and provides recommendations to improve the appeal of the property to the potential buyer. Our clients love the fact that the book is left with them at the end of the consultation and is so easy to use.

Another, equally important step in our consultation process is the discussion that takes place once the report is completed. A list of tasks, without understanding priorities, timelines and budget reduces the value of a consultation so, together with our clients, we determine the top recommendations based upon client goals, overall condition and realizing the best return on their investment.

While it is our responsibility to give our clients all the information they need to get their property ready for showcasing and, with few exceptions, it is always the decision of the home-seller which work gets done prior to showcasing.

What now? Showcasing.

Once the property is showcase ready, we will return and, using our understanding real estate photography, camera angles and specific target buyer demographics, we will highlight any architectural features, identify or create focal points, create visual flow throughout and create a feeling of spaciousness and light within the spaces. We ensure that each space shows beautifully in marketing photos so that the property compares very favourably with the competition. Obviously, the specifics of what happens during a showcasing are property specific and depend upon a variety of factors such as; whether the property is lived in or vacant, whether or not the property requires obviously; a vacant property will need furniture, art and accessories but in many cases, an occupied property will have sufficient furniture, art and accessories to successfully highlight the property’s best features, create flow from one space to the next and trigger emotional connections with a potential buyer.

Access Home Staging specialises in working with occupied properties where our client has furnishings, art and accessories and requires little, if any, inventory to be brought in. Inventory may need to be added if the furnishings, art and accessories are not sufficient, very dated or, in poor condition.

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