Top 5 Accessories Every Room Needs

December 2, 2018


Accessories are to a well-designed room what a wonderful necklace or earrings are to that perfect little-black-dress. They help define the style of a room, add texture and visual interest and help tell a the story of the people who live there.


In my opinion, every major room in a home should have;


1. Plants are hot again and for good reason; they bring the outside in adding life, great texture and dimension to a space. I like to have two or three in a space and always prefer live plants. Having said that, for staging to sell clients, I will use high-quality faux plants and will usually opt for a faux plant in a dark bathroom. For beginner indoor gardeners, check out my previous blog post 


2. Artwork.  When choosing art for a staging client, I love to bring in pieces that bring the colours of a space together. For my re-design clients, art is much more personal and needs to reflect the taste of the homeowner. Whether you are selling or dwelling, art adds colour and texture to a space, it can help support the overall style of a space and can create a focal point in a room that lacks a natural one.


3. Trays. I love trays and use them in all my projects. They are the ideal way to corral a group or a collection of small items that, if left on their own, would have no visual weight. I love to use trays on coffee tables, console tables and in the bathroom. Generally speaking, the tray you use should match the shape of the tabletop you are using it on, for example; a round tray on a round table, a square one on a square-shaped table and a rectangular one on a rectangular-shaped table.


4. Decorative pillows and throws. Pillows bring texture and colour into a space. Both pillows and throws provide the perfect opportunity to bring an accent colour into a space and can help support the overall style of a space. Pillows and throws are a great way to change up the look and feel of a space seasonally; smooth cool linens and cottons in the summer with a nubby warm wool or fleece in the fall. 


Design Hot tip. Look for decorative pillow covers to cover the cushions you already own, they take up little space when storing and the ability to zip the covers off allows for easy cleaning.


5. Personal Items. When it comes to selling a property, personal items are typically removed as they interfere with the ability of a potential buyer to  imagine themselves living in the space. For re-design clients it's a completely different story! You may want to keep the family gallery wall to the less formal family spaces of the home like the family room but, that certainly doesn't mean that your diplomas and other recognition shouldn't be proudly displayed in you home office  and  children's art takes on a wonderful modern art look when framed. Consider displaying the things that bring back wonderful memories; here at home we have a jar that holds the various rocks and shells that our boys brought home from places far and near and a beautifully framed small family photo sits comfortably on a tray in our entry. Be creative and bring your space to life.


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